On the Issues

Jobs Training

North Alabama has some of the best, high-paying jobs in the country, yet all too often our local residents are unemployed or underemployed. The defense contractor and manufacturing facilities that call North Alabama home are having to look outside our great state to find the workforce they need. But I believe the people of North Alabama are perfectly capable of filling these positions if we close the “expectations gap.” But this cannot be done in the classroom alone.  

Potential employees need to be exposed to their future employers during training and education for both to understand the expectations of each. The Alabama Career Center and Educational systems have the resources to address this gap and to provide this opportunity for the men and women of District 4 and I have the leadership and experience necessary to deploy these resources most effectively in the modern workplace. Let’s get our people back to work!

Pre K – 12 Education

There is nothing more important to the future of Alabama than the education of our young people and I believe educational funding decisions should be made at a local level. I believe our local educators truly are the best people to determine the most effective use of resources required to teach our children because they know our children. School systems in District 4 have different priorities than other districts and I believe the Alabama State Legislature must empower local school districts to use your tax dollars most effectively.

Mental Health Services

Alabama is in the midst of a mental health crisis. Providers of mental health services in Alabama treated 110,000 people last year but are struggling to keep up. And in 2015, 736 people died of drug overdoses in our state. Improving communication and encouraging collaboration among agencies that address mental health issues will lead to better treatment for those suffering from mental illness, dementia, and addiction. I believe with improved communication and understanding we will in turn see a plan to more effectively use our state’s resources.  A comprehensive mental health system must include inpatient, outpatient, and prevention services.  By enhancing our mental health services, we will improve the quality of life for everyone affected by or suffering from any form of mental illness, dementia, or addiction.

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