About Polan Pete Willis

An Independent Conservative not bound by party lines.

A Dedicated Father, Husband, Business Owner.

A Proud Alabamian.

After graduating from Decatur High School, class of ’87, Pete continued his studies at Calhoun College, received a Bachelor’s degree in business from Athens State University, and commuted from his business in Priceville to UNA nightly to earn his Masters of Business Administration.

Pete and his wife, Dalinda, live in  Hickory Hills where they are rearing two boys, Lane and Buck Thomas. As a father, Pete is concerned about Pre K-12 education in Alabama and will work to ensure that decisions about education funds are made by the people who understand best what students need – their teachers and administrators.

Pete’s manufacturing business, IMS Inc., makes parts for the aerospace industry. Everything is manufactured at a plant right here in Priceville. As a machinist himself, and the owner of a machine shop with 24 employees, Pete understands the importance of trade skills, both for Alabama’s economy and for the success of individual Alabamians. That’s why he supports expanded training opportunities for workers, not only through trade schools and colleges but through on-the-job training for determined workers who have skills but haven’t yet landed their dream job. Through his family and business, Pete has deep roots in Alabama’s 4 th district, and he cares deeply about North Alabama communities.

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