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Help us get Pete to Seat 4


Help us get Pete to Seat 4




Job Training for Unemployed and Underemployed



Our local educators in the classrooms



Mental health services for those in need

A Message From Pete

Candidate for Alabama House of Representatives

I’m Polan Pete Willis, your Independent candidate for District 4. Here in Morgan County we manufacture rockets, cars, and more. We are home to one of only 61 nuclear plants in America and we live on a hydroelectric reservoir.  We have nearly 1% of the contiguous wildlife refuge land, family recreation, and some of the best fishing and hunting in the country.

I know what we have to offer here In North Alabama and I want to be the man to help spread that message around the state. I am committed to rolling up my sleeves to make sure our children have the training they need to fill the high paying jobs that we have to offer here and I am invested in helping to make sure this is a place where my two boys will want to stay and start their families, just as my wife Dalinda and I have. With a strong LOCAL workforce, educators who make decisions in their own classrooms, and health services for those who need it most.  Please join me in working to achieve that dream for not just my family, but all our families.

Committed to District 4 and Invested in its Future.

-Pete Willis